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Kancelaria Prawna

Kancelaria Prawna
90-450 Lodz, ul. Zwirki 4 lok. 3

+48 042 637 47 81
+48 042 637 06 90

A. Grocholska - Jankowska
+48 0501 549 126
e-mail: kancelaria@grocholska.pl

Artur Kmieciak
e-mail: artur.kmiecia k@adwokatura.pl

The main principal of our Legal Office is to provide our clients with the highest quality service.
Therefore, with concern for our clients we prepared a list of advisory areas.

Commercial Law

The Law Firm provides complex legal service in the area of commercial law addressed to national and foreign entities interested in investing in Poland. Being aware of the fact that the process of setting a company might cause various difficulties we have prepared for the convenience of our clients a list of legal advice provided by the office in this particular field:

- conducting all possible proceedings regarding the foundation of a company drafting,
- resolutions comprehensive,
- legal service of share-holders assembly`s,
- registration of entities holding,
- register proceedings concerning:
- bankrup registers,
- deposit register
- tax arrears

Labour Law

Due to the constant adjustments of Polish Labour Law to the European Union`s standards it is essential for our clients to fallow those amendments. Therefore, our team concentrates on the fallowing:

- issuing opinions,
- drafting and negotiating:
- labour contracts,
- agreements with the members of the board,
- self-employment agreements.
- conducting,
- labour law litigations drafting,
- payment status,
- recovering compensation for damages suffered from industrial accidents.

Civil Law

Commercial Contracts

Legal office conducts extrajudicial negotiations and litigations aimed at recovering compensation for damages suffered from:

- traffic accidents,
- building catastrophies,
- medical malpractice,
- hospital infections,
- running fedder lines across properties,
- unfair competition,
- pirating copyrights, trademarks and patents.

The law office provides complex legal service in the field of property market and specialises in particular in:

- analysing real estates legal status,
- drafting and negotiating the fallowing agreements:
- contracts of sale,
- contracts of tenancy,
- contracts of land tenancy,
- contruction works contracts,
- conducting legal proceedings concerning register of deeds,
- controlling and supporting:
- inheritance,
- dissolution of co-ownership,
- positive prescriptions,
- setting whether the register of deeds stays in harmony with the property`s legal status,
- acquireing permissions from the civil service.

The law firm offers wide legal advisory on all matters connected with leashold activity both for individuals and housing communities. We advise our clients on the fallowing:

- drafting and negotiating leashold contracts notices,
- to quit the lease deeds,
- cases concerning the rent,
- eviction cases,
- vindications of compensation from the community.

Our team provide comprehensive legal service in this field, in respect thereof we offer :

- drafting ang negotiating various types of agreements and settlements,
- professional analysis and control of the agreement's fulfilment.

For many businessmen the process of collecting debts causes great efforts and long-term inconveniences. With regards to this ubiquitious problem we protect our clients by introducing appropriate provisions and clauses to the agreements. Although, if your company deals with aforementioned, our Legal Office will provide complex services, acting on your behalf in the litigations and execution proceedings.